CORPORATE DIMENSIONS OFFERS a complete spectrum of career planning and guidance solutions in which we strive to exceed your professional expectations.


    Do you have a career roadmap or are you just waiting for opportunities to happen? Whether you are a young professional, middle manager or senior professional you need to plan for a successful career path.


    Corporate Dimensions will assist you in clearly defining your career roadmap and showing you how to navigate the career decisions or “forks in your career road” that are instrumental in the outcome you desire.


    We can assist you in the following ways:


    • Give you an independent assessment of your skills, interests and motivations.
    • Provide candid feedback in relation to your current strengths and weaknesses.
    • Provide information and guidance about options within your existing area of expertise.
    • Review and recommend education or training to meet your career expectations.
    • Assist in setting realistic goals in a roadmap for your career.
    • Provide guidance in the progression of your career and “how to get there.”



    Do you want to be a more effective leader?


    Discover how Corporate Dimensions can make an impact on your leadership performance.


    It is a known fact that to ensure success leaders must take charge of their careers. And you must be consistent and strategic about it. Corporate Dimensions’ President CJ Hueston will explore your leadership style, while sharing a multitude of learning opportunities. This experience will provide you with a comprehensive road map to follow for leadership advancement.



    According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average U.S. worker changes careers 3-5 times during their lifetime.


    A career transition can be challenging at best and emotional and frustrating at worse – especially when you try to do it alone.


    CJ Hueston is a career strategist with a passion for working with professionals to develop strategies enabling them to reach their goals and maximize their potential. As the founder of Corporate Dimensions, she assists individuals in navigating a career path. CJ will help you to assess:


    • Your talents, aptitudes and soft skills
    • Traits that range from your personality to your personal philosophy
    • Your sense of career satisfaction
    • Your ideal company culture and environment
    • The harmony between your goals and your values and workplace rewards


    CJ is your partner as you work together through an interactive process of exploration and discovery. Her approach is goal-oriented and results-driven.


    Whether you want to make a career move, need to kick start your career, transition to a new industry or make an effective career plan, Corporate Dimensions can help you!


    Contact us today to get started.

  • + CJ HUESTON: Your Career Strategy Partner

    CJ HUESTON, founder and CEO of Corporate Dimensions is a career strategist with a diverse background. She possesses a unique combination of entrepreneurial spirit, corporate discipline and a collegial management style.


    CJ is an experienced business executive with successful credentials in the areas of educational institutions, corporate environments and entrepreneurial start-ups, both nationally and internationally.


    Her ambition and competitive spirit developed early when she acquired a race car and qualified in the top five at her very first race.


    And she has been on the fast track ever since.


    After completing her undergraduate degree from Taylor University, CJ earned her graduate degree from Butler University and a post-graduate degree from Indiana University. Motivated by her love of children, CJ’s career led to the classroom. However, her risk-taking side steered her to her next career in administration where she became Assistant Director of Plant Planning in Naples, Florida. CJ oversaw extensive, new construction projects that accompanied a real estate boom. Soon her display of leadership afforded her the opportunity to move to a school principal position.


    Once satisfied that the school was running smoothly, CJ was ready for yet another new challenge where she moved from the classroom to the corporate world.


    This career transition expanded CJ’s credentials and she spent 12 years as President of International Automated Energy Systems (IAES), a Naples-based subsidiary of Barron Collier Companies. She led the company through a period of major growth, working with national companies including Exxon, Shell Oil, Amoco and Citgo. Along the way, she brokered a partnership with Visa, USA to provide a national program across the country for companies such as Federal Express, UPS and more.


    At IAES, CJ’s focus was on hiring the right professionals – itself a monumental task. She knew how important it was to choose the right people, capitalize on their strengths and put them together in teams that complemented each other. CJ mentored and promoted those professionals so their careers continued to progress under her leadership in concert with the growth of the company.


    After 12 years in the corporate world building quality teams of professionals, CJ founded Corporate Dimensions in 1998.


    A seasoned entrepreneur with years of business experience, she is a success-oriented strategic thinker with strong organizational and leadership skills and a commitment to client satisfaction.


“A satisfying career is invented…not found and exploited. It is pre-tested and pre-examined for its potential to provide opportunity for personal growth.”

–Sidney A. Fine, co-author of “Functional Job Analysis”


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